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Affordable Housing Program, The Chenoa Fund & Down Payment Assistance

With the unrest of our current times and a booming seller’s real estate market, housing prices are on the rise. However, even though you may be making a low income, do not be so quick to think that buying a home is out of reach before checking out the Chenoa Fund, an...

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Thinking of Selling Your Home? Spruce Up That Kitchen!

Are you thinking of selling your home in the near future? There are some things that will certainly attract potential buyers and help them to make the final decision between signing a real estate contract on your house or walking away, and a nicely tidied-up kitchen...

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Searching for the Perfect Home? What is Most Important to You?

With homes “flying off the shelves” it may be difficult to find that perfect home. In this article (Source NAR website), learn what the top percentage of importance is in home buying among different generation groups. For instance, is it buying a multi-generational...

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A Seller’s Real Estate Market – Tips for Home Buyers!

If you are out with your real estate agent looking to purchase a new home, you will soon learn that it is currently a seller’s market. As such, there are more buyers than there is real estate property inventory and, the better prepared you are to make an offer on the...

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Can You Qualify for that Home Mortgage? Now may be the Time!

The real estate business and everything that goes along with buying and selling is always changing.  The real estate market is showing a continued surge of home sales from last January 2020 to January 2021 up to 24% (National Association of Realtors, Listen Now). The...

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Purchasing a New Home? Ask About the Neighborhood!

When purchasing a new home, the neighborhood that goes along with it plays a very important role.  For instance, you may want to be within a certain mileage range to shops and beaches. It is easy to get wrapped up in the real estate property investment itself and...

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