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Don’t “Kill” Your Real Estate Mortgage Loan!

You find your dream home. You are thrilled about your scheduled closing only to find out that your excitement turns to despair when you realize that an entity to the mortgage loan was overlooked, which now has prevented your loan from going through. Using a reputable...

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Questions to Ask When Choosing a Real Estate Lender

There are many different home mortgage lenders out there. To narrow it down from the start, you may want to pick one that is grounded in the community that you are living in or prefer to be residing in. There are also many questions, general and specific, you may want...

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Advantages To Working With A Local Real Estate Lender

There are reasons why you are better served using a local real estate mortgage lender when you are ready to buy a home.  I find it so much nicer being able to talk to someone face to face who knows about the community and already has established relationships with...

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Selling Your Home? Home Improvements Count!

We all want to get the most money we can when we sell our home.  In the real estate property preparation phase, there are many improvements that can be done to your home, inside and out, to make it more appealing to the potential buyer.  In case you are wondering what...

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