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Mortgage Loan for Physicians and Medical Field Workers

Did you just graduate from Veterinarian school and have found a primary residence near the medical practice you will be working at but you are not aware of what kind of mortgage loans are out there that may have some featured perks such as no money down and lower...

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Lock Down That Mortgage Interest Rate!

Are you ready to go house hunting? Take your pre-qualification to the next level and contact Diana Harvey at VanDyk Mortgage to find out how to qualify for a TBD (To Be Determined) Approval! These types of approvals will have more leverage then just a...

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Medical Debt on Credit Reports Going Away?

Are you still paying off old medical debts that may be holding you back from a good credit score? You are trying to purchase a home and all is in good standing with your credit score but that old medical debt, yet to be paid off, keeps returning to haunt you by...

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