Babette M. Aiosa
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The real estate business and everything that goes along with buying and selling is always changing.  The real estate market is showing a continued surge of home sales from last January 2020 to January 2021 up to 24% (National Association of Realtors, Listen Now). The good news, at least for the time being, is that mortgage rates are still very low, and maybe now is the right time for you to take a trip to your mortgage lender and see what you will need to qualify for a mortgage to purchase that home you always wished for.

Times are constantly changing as is the real estate market to fit these changing times so it may behoove you not to wait too long as we all most likely know that these low mortgage interest rates will be rising up again.


When you are ready to purchase and/or sell your home, please reach out to Babette of Aiosa Realty Group at 727-430-9029 for all of your real estate needs!

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Babette Aiosa
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