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Derogatory Credit Setbacks When Purchasing a Home!

Derogatory Credit ChartWhen it comes to purchasing your new home and you are preparing for mortgage approval, there are some things that you should keep in mind, especially circumstances that you may have previously been involved in that ended up showing damaging results to your line of credit.

Check out this helpful “Derogatory Credit Chart” infographic that shows negative events that may hinder your chances of obtaining a real estate property mortgage with your financial lender and what the waiting period and/or guideline is, depending on what type of mortgage you are applying for. That is why if you are planning to be a homeowner, then your credit becomes very important in that you will want any unfavorable marks wiped clean.


if you are ready to buy a home and/or sell your current residence, and if you have any real estate questions and/or needs, be sure to reach out to Babette at Aiosa Realty Group. With over 20 years of Babette’s real estate knowledge and impeccable and professional work standards in/and around the beautiful Pinellas County area, you can rely on her to assist in finding that perfect home for you.

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Buying A Home – More Reachable Than You Think!

Home ownership within reach jpgAfter renting for so long, you really want to buy a home in the neighborhood you love living in but you know you cannot afford the down payment even though you have held your same job for many years, but your credit is not looking so good.  Well, don’t give up so easily! As mentioned here on this infographic, reach out to Diana Harvey at VanDyk Mortgage to discuss what options are available that could make owning your home within your reach!


when you are ready to move into beautiful Pinellas County Florida, be sure to connect with  Babette at Aiosa Realty Group for all you real estate needs!  With over 20 years of experience, you can be certain you are choosing the best Real Estate Broker/Agent in/and around Pinellas County!  Call us TODAY at 727-439-9029, so you can get started right away on the journey to finding your own piece of paradise with Babette at your side from beginning to end!

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