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Credit Scores and Home Buying

Credit Score vs Credit Karma imagePlanning to Purchase a Home in the near future?

This will determine the type of Fair Isaac modeling score that your lending institution will utilize, as the FICO version is honed specifically to what type of product you are purchasing with credit. For instance, in the case of a real estate property purchase, you can see on this infographic the different scores used, along with other types of credit products. Click here for the enlarged PDF.


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What Do the New FICO Score Changes Mean?

New FICO Score Changes imageEvery few years the Fair Isaac Corp is updated and this summer will be updated to FICO 10. So, if you are planning on buying a home and your debt is on the rise, it may be harder getting a mortgage loan from your lender depending on which version of FICO they are using as older versions sometimes do not disappear. For more information, see the enlarged downloadable PDF by clicking here!


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