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The Road To A Smooth Closing

The-Road-to-a-Smooth-Closing-image-Babette-Aiosa-Realty-GroupDo you want to have a hassle-free real estate closing?  Of course you do!  The faster the closing goes, the faster you get into your newly purchased home!  To ensure for a smooth property closing, click here to download this handy infographic guide, “The Road to a Smooth Closing”, to be aware of what mistakes to avoid during your home loan process.

When you are ready to make a move, please don’t hesitate to call Babette at Aiosa Realty Group at 727-439-9029!  We are ready to help with all your real estate needs!


Top Ten Most Common Causes of Mortgage Delays

Top-10-Most-Common-Causes-of-Mortgage-Delay-Babette-AiosaWant to close in 30 days?

Because there are many individuals involved with a closing, surprises may happen to cause your mortgage to be delayed.  Here are some reasons why your mortgage could fall behind your scheduled 30-day closing date.  These are great tips to be aware of as you are working your way towards your new home!

Click here for a downloadable PDF, and when you are ready to buy or sell a property, give Babette at Aiosa Realty Group a call at 727-585-4804 or 727-439-9029.

Buyer’s Remorse: Negotiating Mistakes that Buyers Most Often Regret

Buyers Remorse Infographic - Aiosa Realty GroupPrevent yourself from falling into a state of Buyer’s Remorse! There are many mistakes that can be made so before you sign that contract, check out this handy infographic to help keep you on track when purchasing your new home. You can download this PDF by clicking here!

Don’t rush the process, and when you are ready to make that home purchase, give Babette Aiosa at Aiosa Realty Group a call at 727-439-9029!


Qualify Self-Employed Buyers Using Bank Statements! No Tax Return Required!

Self-Employed Buyer leaflet - Aiosa Realty GroupIf you are self-employed and are ready to buy a home, then here is a leaflet of valuable information to read and/or download on how you may qualify for a home purchase with no tax return needed!

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