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Home Buying Resolutions for 2020

Homebuying resolutions for 2020-Babette-Aiosa RealtyIf one of your resolutions for January is purchasing a new home, you may want to start planning to saving up some extra cash for expenses that go along with closing costs, making sure debts (especially high debts) are being paid off on time, acquiring a pre-approved mortgage, to name a few.

Click here to download a copy of this informative PDF that will help you achieve your New Year’s Resolution for buying your next and/or new real estate property


When you are ready to make a move to beautiful Pinellas County Florida, call Babette Aiosa at 727-439-9029!  Aiosa Realty Group is a top notch Pinellas County Real Estate firm located in Largo, Florida, and is ready to assist you with all your real estate questions and needs, and to help you “Love Where You Live!”


Define Your New Dream House!

Home-Priority Check List ImageDon’t be let down by purchasing your new dream home only to find that after you have closed and moved onto your new property, you wish it was closer to the beach and it had a cool, refreshing swimming pool and hot tub.  Be smart and stay on top of what is definitely important, moderately important and not so important when you are out searching for you forever home!

Click here for a handy checklist of home and neighborhood features to help you remember what to look for before getting into contract with your new dream house.

Buying real estate is a huge investment so if you want to be absolutely happy, start by doing it right, and when you are ready to “Love Where You Live”, call Babette Aiosa at Aiosa Realty Group, 727-439-9029,  to help guide you through the Real Estate process!


Homestead Exemptions

Homestead-Exemption-2019-Babette-AiosaDon’t forget about Homestead Exemptions!

For example, if you purchased your home anytime during the calendar year of 2019, you have until March 1st 2020 deadline to apply for homestead exemption; otherwise, you will not be able to receive any exemption for this taxable year.  Read more important information about how you can apply for Homestead Exemption on your property by clicking here for a helpful resource PDF that will assist you in the process…and when you are ready to purchase your new home, please reach out to us at Aiosa Realty Group. We work hard for you and are dedicated to helping you find that perfect home.


Budget Breakdown for Your Kitchen Remodel

Budget for remodel kitchen image You put in some new kitchen lighting.  Hmmmm, that sure would look good with a new faucet…and maybe new kitchen counters will complete it…not really.  You’ll just throw in some new appliances…and before you realize it you have gone way over budget because you were not expecting to remodel the entire kitchen…but if you are, check out how a typical kitchen remodel budget breakdown may look by clicking here to view this informative PDF.


Remember to reach out to Babette at Aiosa Realty Group, 727-439-9029, when you are ready to sell your property and/or purchase a new home and “Love Where You Live”!




Turning Wasted Energy Around Into Home Savings

nine-ways-to-lower-your-energy-bill-this-winter-infographic-Babette-Aiosa-Realty-GroupFall has finally arrived in Pinellas County…at least for now…Typical Florida weather if you have lived here long enough…sweltering hot to freezing cold from one minute to the next. So what are some ways we can lower our home energy bills in the winter months to come?

Click here to view an enlarged infographic PDF version of “9 Ways to lower your Energy Bill This Winter” and when you are ready to “Love Where You Live” call Babette at Aiosa Realty Group today at 727-439-9029!


Qualification Ratios for Your Mortgage

when-it-comes-to-your-mortgage-infographic-Babette-AiosaAn important must before you start searching for a home is what your debt to income ratio is.  Factors to think about before choosing the type of mortgage would be family size, lifestyle, income, to name a few.  Qualification ratios really are not that hard to figure out, and click here for a handy PDF that explains more to help you decide which is right for you!