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FHA REPAIRS – Seller’s Responsibility!

FHA home repairs-Seller's expense -jpg If you have listed your home for sale and then receive and accept an FHA real estate purchase contract, know that you, as the home owner/seller, are responsible for any property fixes that the home inspector finds that is in need of repair. Click here to find out more on rules and options of an FHA inspection report so you stay on track with everything moving in a positive direction all the way to the closing table…


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Myths and Misconceptions – Home Inspections

Home-Inspection-Myth-Misconceceptions-Aiosa-Realty-Group ImagePurchasing a home is a huge investment.  A home inspection is crucial for ensuring that the inside and outside of the property is structurally sound and other mechanics of the home are in good working order.

Click here to see what are Myths and Misconceptions about Home Inspections.

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Common Inspection Reports Required by FHA before Home Loan Approval

Common Inspection Reports imageEven though the FHA (Federal Housing Administration) does not require many inspection reports, If they do find any health/safety issues, structural insufficiencies and/or code violations, they will require further investigation, as written on the FHA inspector’s report. Listed on this downloadable PDF, are some of the more common items your FHA inspector will be checking out before a real estate property mortgage loan will be approved…


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Ten Common House Flaws Found During Home Inspections

Ten common House Flaws - Home Inspection InfographicAre you ready to move out of your home and purchase a new home?

One of the many moving-out details to think about is if the home that you are selling is ready to pass a home inspection so you and your buyers can get to the closing table in a more timely fashion without having to deal with the post-closing delays of getting all the issues repaired that are on the Inspectors fix list.  Hopefully, when you are ready to purchase and close on YOUR next property, the sellers will have thought to have their house repairs all “sewed up” as well.

This infographic, which is downloadable by clicking here, shares “10 Most Common Flaws Found During Home Inspections” as a helpful guide for anyone who is preparing for the sale of their home.

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