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A Seller’s Real Estate Market – Tips for Home Buyers!

Tips For Home Buyers in Seller's MarketIf you are out with your real estate agent looking to purchase a new home, you will soon learn that it is currently a seller’s market. As such, there are more buyers than there is real estate property inventory and, the better prepared you are to make an offer on the home you desire in this seller’s market will increase your chance of winning over other interested buyers of the same dwelling.

Click here for a list of “Tips for Buyers in a Seller’s Market” that can help you to stay ahead of other buyers that are looking to purchase the very same piece of real estate property that you just got to have!…


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Do I Buy A Home Now Or Wait Another Year?

Do I buy now or wait another year imageIt is difficult sometimes to decide whether to take the plunge into the real estate market, especially when you are observing relatives and friends taking the real estate dive right now.  You are asking yourself, “Should I wait another year or go ahead and purchase a home now?”

To help you find the answer, consider a few unknown questions that may weigh heavy on your mind if you are thinking about holding off on buying a home until the following year.  Will the economy be faring well next year?  What about housing market prices and mortgage payments and interest rates…will they be on the rise?

Click here to download a copy of this handy PDF to help you decide whether to purchase a home now or later.


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Hottest Housing Markets to Watch for in the Next 3-5 Years!

Hottest Housing Markets in 3-5 years to watch for ImageAre you planning on selling your home and moving to a new location in the not too distant future? Whether it be a new job in the next big boomtown, a change in weather or just the desire to reside in a new city elsewhere in the U.S. for a change of scenery, it may behoove you to keep up with how the housing markets are trending out there.  

Click here to check out this informative PDF that lists some cities around the country that could be the “Hottest Housing Markets to Watch Out For in the Next 3-5 Years!”

Note that our own beautiful Tampa/St. Petersburg, FL, cities are in the mix!


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