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Little Change in Decades for Average Mortgage Rates

Average mortgage rates per decade jpgBelieve it or not, with inflation continuing to rise, It is still a good time to buy real estate property as home mortgage rates continue hovering around historical lows, keeping it possible for you to search for your dream home.  Click here to view how “Average Mortgage Rates Per Decade”, have fluctuated since the 1970s through April 2022, helping you decide whether it is a good enough time for your bank roll to accommodate your next property purchase and/or a refinance of your current home mortgage loan…


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Are We Heading For Inflation & How Will It Affect The Real Estate Market?

Are we Headed for Inflation jpgIn the late “calmer” midst of the Covid-19 Pandedmic and with more whispers of different strains on the horizon and states still dealing with lockdowns and restrictions, and changes in supply and demand, it’s hard not to think that we are headed for inflation in today’s unstable economy.

So, what does it all mean for the real estate housing market?  Check out this infographic that explains the types of inflation that are hovering around us as we watch the price of goods go up; however, there may be some good news that lies ahead for the housing market, as stated in the infographic.

And so…

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