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Can You Qualify for that Home Mortgage? Now may be the Time!

The real estate business and everything that goes along with buying and selling is always changing.  The real estate market is showing a continued surge of home sales from last January 2020 to January 2021 up to 24% (National Association of Realtors, Listen Now). The good news, at least for the time being, is that mortgage rates are still very low, and maybe now is the right time for you to take a trip to your mortgage lender and see what you will need to qualify for a mortgage to purchase that home you always wished for.

Times are constantly changing as is the real estate market to fit these changing times so it may behoove you not to wait too long as we all most likely know that these low mortgage interest rates will be rising up again.


When you are ready to purchase and/or sell your home, please reach out to Babette of Aiosa Realty Group at 727-430-9029 for all of your real estate needs!

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Home-Ready Mortgage Brought to You by FannieMae!

There is a home out there waiting for you!

Even though these pandemic times are still discouraging, FannieMae is offering up the HomeReady Mortgage for borrowers who can meet the listed expanded underwriting guidelines, as shown on this info-flyer.

Take a look-see by clicking here to find out if you qualify for these guidelines as the borrower benefits may be just what you hoped for when thinking about your next real estate property purchase…


When it’s time for your relocation to beautiful Pinellas County, Florida, don’t hesitate to connect with Babette Aiosa at 727-439-9029!  Aiosa Realty Group is standing by to assist you with all your real estate needs!

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Do I Buy A Home Now Or Wait Another Year?

Do I buy now or wait another year imageIt is difficult sometimes to decide whether to take the plunge into the real estate market, especially when you are observing relatives and friends taking the real estate dive right now.  You are asking yourself, “Should I wait another year or go ahead and purchase a home now?”

To help you find the answer, consider a few unknown questions that may weigh heavy on your mind if you are thinking about holding off on buying a home until the following year.  Will the economy be faring well next year?  What about housing market prices and mortgage payments and interest rates…will they be on the rise?

Click here to download a copy of this handy PDF to help you decide whether to purchase a home now or later.


When you are ready to make a move to beautiful Pinellas County Florida, reach out to Babette Aiosa at 727-439-9029!  Babette has been assisting people for over 30 years and thoroughly knows all about Real Estate in this area!  Aiosa Realty Group is waiting to help you with all your real estate questions and needs!

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A Great Time for Buying Your Dream House!

Good time for Purchasing Dream Home-Interest Rates DownAre you thinking you are never going to be able to afford your Dream Home?  Well, think again, because Home Mortgage interest rates are down currently from the last year interest rates at this time.  For example, the house that you looked at last year for a certain price could now potentially fit your mortgage payment range. 

Click here for the enlarged mortgage comparison infographic stating why “Now Is A Great Time To Purchase Your Dream Home!”


When you are ready to start searching for that perfect real estate property in beautiful Pinellas County Florida, connect with Babette at 727-439-9029!  Aiosa Realty Group is prepared to help you with all your real estate questions, concerns and needs, and is ready to help you “Love Where You Live!”


Misconception on the Home Buying Process Revealed

Misconception in the Home buying Process Image on Aiosa Realty Group WebsiteHave you ever asked yourself, “how am I ever going to be able to afford to buy a home when house prices keep going up?” I found myself asking that very same question and wondering how other people were capable of purchasing homes, especially when property value appreciation is about to go up again.

This infographic will help you understand why owning your new or next real estate property is certainly attainable, taking in such factors as mortgage and interest rates and personal income.

Click here for the enlarged version of this PDF for easy reading and/or downloading…


When you are ready to “Love Where You Live!”, right here in beautiful Pinellas County, CALL Babette NOW at 727-439-9029! Whether you are selling your home and/or purchasing your next/new home, Aiosa Realty Group is dedicated in guiding you through your entire real estate process!


Mortgage Rates Drop To A Three-Month Low!

Here is some exciting Mortgage NEWS!

If you are thinking about purchasing your new/next home, now is a great time for doing so as the average fixed rate existing right now on a 30-year mortgage has dropped recently to a three-month low.  Home sales are on the rise with these incredibly low mortgage finance rates!

Don’t delay and let this incredibly low mortgage rate pass you by! Take advantage of a fixed rate 30-year mortgage! It’s also a good time to pay off other debts, i.e. credit cards, student loans, etc with a cashout refinance! 

For an enlarged downloadable PDF, click here


When you are ready to make a move to beautiful Pinellas County Florida, call Babette at 727-439-9029!  Aiosa Realty Group is always standing by to assist you with all your real estate questions and needs, and to help you to “Love Where You Live!”