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Checklist for Verifying Information on Your Credit Report

Consumer Checklist of Tips for verifying information on Credit ReportIf you are planning on purchasing a home, one of the ways to be sure nothing will stand in the way of being approved for your home mortgage loan from your lending institution is being sure you have a clean credit report.  Upon receiving your credit report, be sure to look it over, making sure that all information is factual pertaining to YOUR credit report, and, if you find an error, call the company that ran your credit report to let them know to fix it. It will definitely be in your best interest to do so to make for a smooth mortgage process with the least amount of stress.

Click here for an enlarged resourceful PDF version of “A Consumer’s Checklist To Verify Information On Their Credit Report”, to alert you of some common credit report errors to watch out for on your credit report.


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Protecting Your Credit!

Ways of Protecting Your Credit Being able to protect your credit is so very important for financial purchases in your future, and, you should really be paying attention to it in this uneasy time of the Covid pandemic. 

There is help available.  If you feel you have been affected financially by Covid hardship and you think you might not be able to make your next mortgage payment,  be sure to call your mortgage lender and let them know! 

Click here to utilize this helpful infographic, Protecting Your Credit, to set you in the right direction for attaining relief. 


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