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Budget Breakdown for Your Kitchen Remodel

Budget for remodel kitchen image You put in some new kitchen lighting.  Hmmmm, that sure would look good with a new faucet…and maybe new kitchen counters will complete it…not really.  You’ll just throw in some new appliances…and before you realize it you have gone way over budget because you were not expecting to remodel the entire kitchen…but if you are, check out how a typical kitchen remodel budget breakdown may look by clicking here to view this informative PDF.


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What Are Your Priorities in a Home?

What you want in a home listWhen searching for a new home, you will most likely have certain needs and desires of that property which could be a very difficult process to sort through on your own.  That is where the expertise of a  Buyer’s Representative can be very helpful to you, particularly in their local market areas of real estate.

Click here for a printable PDF list of items that may be of priority to you .

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Frequently Asked Questions About Real Estate Closings

Real-Estate-Closing-Image-Aiosa-Realty Group​Do you want to be fully prepared before arriving at your property closing? After all, it is not uncommon to feel excited AND a little nervous at the same time as this could be the biggest investment you make in your lifetime!

Well fear not as you can click here for a helpful PDF resource that can ease the intensity of what to expect before you walk to the closing table.

…and when you are ready to make a move and “Love Where You Live!”, don’t hesitate to connect with me, Babette Aiosa, at 727-439-9029! I am here to help you!




Take the “Scary” out of Moving Out! Realty GroupIt can be hard to remember if you have taken care everything before you move out of your home. Eliminate the stress and anxiety of moving out by knowing what to do and being prepared. Click here for this enlarged and helpful infographic that shows you a timeline of what to do because “Moving Out Doesn’t Have to be Scary.”


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Five Do’s and Don’ts on Property Tours


Do's & Dont's on Property Tours GuidelineClick Here for this handy PDF guide of some Do’s and Dont’s to help make your property tour an enjoyable experience!