Babette M. Aiosa
Real Estate Broker/Owner
Florida Broker: #3035369

Telephone: 727.439.9029

Don’t “Kill” Your Real Estate Mortgage Loan!

You find your dream home. You are thrilled about your scheduled closing only to find out that your excitement turns to despair when you realize that an entity to the mortgage loan was overlooked, which now has prevented your loan from going through. Using a reputable mortgage company that knows to check all parties involved with your loan will prevent you from ending up with a “Deal Killer” versus a “Killer Deal”!, as listed in this downloadable PDF.


When you are ready to move to beautiful Pinellas County Florida, reach out to Babette at 727-439-9029!  Aiosa Realty Group is prepared to help with all your real estate questions, concerns and needs, and is waiting to help you “Love Where You Live!”