Babette M. Aiosa
Real Estate Broker/Owner
Florida Broker: #3035369

Telephone: 727.439.9029

House Shopping check list image

Have you ever went house searching and wished that you had made a list of all the things about that home that stood out and really appealed to you? Now, you are exhausted from all the home tours you went through for the day and finding it somewhat difficult to remember which home had which features you liked the most!

Well, rest assured, those stressor tour days are over. Click here for an enlarged home shopping check list PDF which provides a very organized tool to assist you in comparing which home offers the better features of what you are ideally looking for; hence, helping you to choose your new Dream Home! …


When you are ready to make a move to/or from Pinellas County Florida, be sure to reach out to Babette at 727-439-9029!  Aiosa Realty Group is ready to help you with all your real estate questions, concerns and needs, and to help you to “Love Where You Live!”