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Real Estate Broker/Owner
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Were-you-Pre-approved-before-March-2020 image for Aiosa Realty GroupWere you pre-approved to purchase a home before March 2020? 

If you are ready to go back out searching for your next home now that we are seeing cities reopening, especially here in our beautiful Pinellas County, Florida, be sure to get in touch with your lender to make sure you are still pre-qualified for your mortgage loan.  With so many changes currently happening at a rapid pace, including the lending world, you do not want to be left in a state of shock and disappointment when you learn that you are no longer pre-approved for that perfect must-have piece of real estate that you just fell in love with.

Click here for enlarged infographic, “Were You Pre-Approved Before March 2020? “, and do not be locked out of that dream home you finally have been waiting so long for.

Please connect with Babette Aiosa at 727-439-9029, when you are ready to move forward with your new or next real estate purchase or sale!

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