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Rent or buy a home infographicThe troubling question that many of us may be facing right now is whether or not to rent or buy a home. The real estate housing market is, as we all know, still a sellers market, with many offers coming in from buyers at and above asking prices, but how long is this trend going to last? I wish I had a crystal ball! I do know one thing…when you purchase a home and you start paying down the principal, you start building up equity, for YOU, not for your landlord. Here is an infographic that lays out some comparisons between owning a home and renting, and if you are still unsure whether to rent or buy, reach out to Diana Harvey at VanDyk Mortgage who is ready to answer all your questions…


When you are ready to buy a home and/or sell your current home, be sure to reach out to Babette at Aiosa Realty Group. With Babette’s real estate expertise and knowledge in and around beautiful Pinellas County, she is someone you can absolutely rely on to meet your real estate needs!

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