Babette M. Aiosa
Real Estate Broker/Owner
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Telephone: 727.439.9029

Vandyk Affordability CalculatorInstead of wasting your precious time and energy looking for homes at any price range, it will behoove you to sit down and figure out just what price range is affordable to you, as mentioned on this resourceful infographic.  Knowing this ahead of time will take lots of pressure off yourself, and by using this Affordability Calculator to figure out which homes are affordable and available for you can keep the house hunting process moving along on the right track to your house closing. You only need a few figures to plug in to get started.

We here at our real estate company, Aiosa Realty Group, partner up with Diana Harvey of VanDyke Mortgage as one of our reliable and incredibly knowledgeable mortgage loan originators, and when you are ready to find out which real estate purchase price range is suited for you by using this easy Affordability Calculator, it will point you in the right direction to finding your new home!


When you are ready to make the move to beautiful Pinellas County, FL, be sure to call Babette, 727-430-9029, to assist you all the way through your real estate home buying process from start to close!

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